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Exclusive sustainable venue in the south of Tenerife

Restore Your Bond With Nature

Balance Your Biology

Increase Vitality and Immunity


Restore Your Bond With Nature

Fresh Runner Beans
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Vegetable Picking

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Raphaele Diais

Tel : 00 33 6 09 454 454


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Rami Kalai

Co-founder & CEO @


Pablo Postigo

Team leader @

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Kaylie Boogaerts

People Operations Manager


Our one week off-site at Symbiosis Living was a life-changing experience. The venue, the food, the atmosphere and our fantastic hosts all came together to make our stay one of the most memorable weeks of our lives.

The venue was the perfect balance of peace, tranquillity and comfort - everything you expect is readily available.


The food was something else. Most of the produce was grown on site, picked and prepared fresh daily. The quality was beyond what you'd ever expect and we felt spoilt having such fantastic food around the clock.


Our offsite was a chance for our team to connect on a much deeper level and build relationships beyond the office. We came back feeling refreshed and did some of our best work afterwards.


If you're considering an offsite - this is the place for it. All the things that really make the experience are present here in their ultimate forms.

I spent a whole week on Symbiosis Living property for a team-building activity. We were a group of 12 people.

I can't recommend this experience enough.


The venue is amazing and has all the amenities you need to work and also relax, it's a really special place. The hosts make you feel like you are at home, and the meals are just awesome.


We spent most part of the week working, and it was a great opportunity to connect as a group and have vivid brainstorming sessions. We also did some activities on the island following the recommendations of the hosts, and again they were just perfect.

" We stayed at Symbiosis living for our second ever company retreat and our team had an amazing time (9.6/10 to be precise)!
The venue looks exactly like in the pictures. It’s got a very cosy, close-to-nature feel without having to sacrifice any luxuries. “Paradise” is a word we heard a lot during our week there. The location is quite secluded and you need cars to leave it, which was nice in the way that there weren’t any distractions. At the same time, it would’ve been nice to be able to make a spontaneous walk to the beach or a village.

The working space is spacious, beautiful and fully equipped with a big screen, a whiteboard, enough outlets, big tables and ergonomic chairs. The internet usually worked quite well. One time, we lost connection, but Chris quickly fixed this.

The service that Chris, Anastasija and their team provide is excellent. They are extremely accommodating and you can feel that they’re doing everything they can so that you can focus on achieving your retreat goals. The food was definitely a highlight. No matter the diet restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, allergies), everyone always had more than enough absolutely delicious food.

We did the volcanic trekking as a group activity and also did the whale and dolphin watching boat tour and the wine tasting in smaller groups. While we had some miscommunication and confusion around the activities, Chris and Anastasija did everything in their power to make up for the miscommunication and also made immediate improvements to ensure this miscommunication could not happen again.

Last but not least, there’s a wonderful big dog on the property. While we had some team members who are generally uncomfortable around dogs, this dog conquered everyone’s hearts quickly. He’s super calm, non-intrusive, loves a good scratch and is a total sweetheart. "


Carlo Thissen

Co-Founder & COO


  • The most important thing: we still have Symbiosis in our absolute best memories. I'd gladly recommend it without any hesitation to any team for a company retreat! 


  • Now here are a few more details:

  • Feeling of the overall experience and how the place looks like:

    • We felt at home from the very first moment. The remote area, the carefully designed compound, and the friendly people (including the animals) felt like a true Oasis. 

    • It was the perfect balance between relaxing & taking a breath, enjoying great social time, and working together in the coworking space. 

    • The open kitchen and dining area, as well as the pool area, were suited perfectly for experiencing shared moments with the team - everything felt natural, nothing forced

    • Still, every team member had enough room to enjoy privacy in his/her individual space -

  •               2 weeks felt like 1

  • All in all, Symbiosis allowed us to relax, focus and build our relationships as a team

  • Facilitation:

    • Everyone of the staff was supportive and did whatever he/she could to allow us to focus on our work

    • Meal times were always flexible to adjust to our current work routine

    • Whenever we faced a technical issue, everyone was supportive to fix it right away

    • The activities were easy to manage - in fact, we nearly did not need to manage anything! 

    • Everybody was always willing to help!

  • Housing

    • The housing could not be better for a team of 10-15 people - everybody has his/her own private space while we could always gather in the dining area, pool area, or the workspace

    • The whole appeal and feeling of the space felt natural, inviting and it was clear that it was carefully designed with love - it was luxurious in a down-to-earth way and inviting way

  • Food

    • What can I say? It was the best food that we could have imagined. Everything was local. It was healthy and always prepared with love. It offered a great experience for every taste. 

  • Workspace

    • It had everything we needed. Whenever we face a minor technical issue it was fixed right away. 

    • It was spacious and gave everybody enough room to work in a group or individually

    • The warm and natural design of the living complex was equally met in the workspace

    • Whenever we had internet issues, they were immediately fixed 

  • Activities

    • The set of activities was superb. It was a wide variety for every taste

    • One minor critique: the sommelier was very friendly and humorous but some of his jokes felt slightly out of time - he regularly joked about seduction, romance and fed some old men/women stereotypes. It asked out women in the team if they felt comfortable a couple of times and I think he just did not cross the line yet. However, I can imagine that some more "woke" tech companies might be a bit less forgiving when it comes to this sensitive topic. Gender equality and "toxic" masculinity are very important. In the end, it was not a bad experience for us but if you have more companies from the tech industry, I'd recommend to be a bit careful here. ​

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