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The boat cruise is a complete experience fulfillment. You will be mesmerized by the magnificent landscape of « Los Gigantes » wild untouched cliff that is sheltering the fisherman Harbor. The cliffs represent a basaltic-type volcanic geological accident characterized by its vertical walls, which fall into the ocean from heights ranging between 300 and more than 600 meters. 


The underwater geological topography is drastic, dropping to 2000 meters very close to the shore. It hosts a very rich wild untouched ecosystem where a diversity of life thrives such as whales, sharks, giant squids.

Encountering dolphins and whales in their wild environment is awe-inspiring. The south of Tenerife is classified as one of the world centers for whale and dolphin watching year-round with some 500+ short-finned pilot whales as well as bottlenose dolphins. There is also an abundance of other whale and dolphin species in these waters, just offshore like sperm whales, beaked whales, and various tropical dolphins. 


Refresh and reset. Take a dip in the crystal clear water during the trip at a cove, swim to the beach, feel the impressive vertical rocks above you.


Tenerife sets a few world records. Thanks to Teide, an active volcano at 3718 m, it makes the second Island in the world after Hawaii with diversified climates. Crossing from the south to the north on the way to the volcano, you encounter a desert landscape, Millenaries forest pine trees, lunar and colorful landscapes by the volcano, followed by humid tropical forest in the north.


Prior to the 1496 Spanish colonization of Tenerife, the native Guanches referred to a powerful figure living in the volcano, which carried the light, power and the Sun. El Pico del Teide is the modern Spanish name. Teide was a sacred mountain for the aboriginal Guanches, so it was considered a mythological mountain. They believed that Teide held up the sky. Many hiding places found in the mountains contain the remains of stone tools and pottery. These have been interpreted as being ritual deposits to counter the influence of evil spirits, like those made by the Berbers of Kabylie.

If measured from the Ocean floor, it is 7,500 m (24,600 ft), making it the fourth-highest volcano in the world, described by UNESCO and NASA as the Earth's third tallest volcanic structure. It is the most visited national park in Europe


The entire Mount Teide National Park is a unique geological treasure in which the volcanos, craters, vents, lava flows and different materials form an impressive array of shapes and colors. You will be surprised by the diversity of Las Cañadas del Teide, blown away by its huge rivers of petrifying lava and impressed by the eroded rocks and colossal dimensions of this mineral chaos. On the contrary, the spring will delight you with wonderful, exquisite flowers and gentle aromas.


Discover the fascinating world of astronomy and skies as one of the best stargazing experiences in the world.

Tenerife has the cleanest, clearest skies in Europe. The quality of the sky is such that it is protected by the Law of the Astronomical Quality of the IAC Observatories and has the privilege of having three Starlight Reserves, a hallmark that confirms the low level of light pollution in the area.


83 out of 88 officially recognized constellations are visible from Tenerife. You can view all the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere and most constellations of the Southern Hemisphere.

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